cDiploma - the best system for securing the authenticity of diplomas for universities

Adrian Sienicki

Global Business Development Manager

Adrian Sienicki

Global Business Development Manager

Every year graduates of various universities enter the labor market. After graduation, each of them holds the desired diploma in hand. Graduates are required to certify their qualifications included in the diploma with employers, offices or other universities where they continue their education. One of the most important aspects when handing over the diploma as proof of one’s education is its authenticity. In such an exchange of information, between both educational institutions and the candidates themselves, it is very important to efficiently and quickly verify the credibility of the document

cDiploma - what it is and how it works

Currently, when we want to prove our education, we have two options: collecting a paid excerpt from the university or notarizing the authenticity of the diploma. In some cases, databases, in which the candidate and his education can be checked, are used. However, these are time-consuming and demanding operations. All these activities require time, sometimes counted in days or even weeks, and the involvement of funds from institutions, companies or owners of diplomas.

Ideally, this procedure should be simplified and, in addition, completely eliminating the problem of counterfeiting diplomas. These needs are met by the cDiploma solution, created by the Polish company Veriori S.A., operating on the international market. The cDiplom technology uses advanced cryptographic solutions and blockchain data saving methodology. The QR code with an additional cryptographic layer and encrypted data placed on the document is read e.g. by a special application installed on a mobile phone for verifying the authenticity of the marked document.

The QR code is the key to verify the authenticity of the data stored on it. In addition to providing information from the diploma in an electronic version, the system is also a reliable tool for ensuring and verifying the authenticity of these documents, also in the form of scans or printouts. As mentioned earlier, using advanced cryptographic and shorthand methods, including a unique and encrypted QR code, cDiploma prevents the forging of diplomas and their use by unauthorized persons. Importantly, in this way it eliminates the possible reputational risk of the university.

The actual operation of the cDiploma is extremely intuitive and simple. After scanning the code, e.g. with a phone, the data is verified using a cryptographic algorithm, and finally (within a few seconds) the user receives the result displayed in the application – the document is authentic or forged.

At this point, it should be emphasized that the cDiploma solution allows for easy and quick implementation of digital diplomas in accordance with applicable legal regulations, including the GDPR. The introduction of this technology by universities does not require too much time, nor does it require a change in regulations or procedures, but it unmatchedly improves the verification process and in the future it may provide universities feedback, e.g. on the fate of graduates on the labor market (legal obligation from legislator for higher education institutions).

cDiploma – benefits for the university

In summary, the most important benefits of introducing the cDiploma system by universities include:

protection of the image and brand of the university,

limiting expenses on the protection of intellectual property and counterfeiting,

ensuring the safety of document circulation, including printed documents,

increasing the effectiveness of reporting on the professional lives of graduates,

improving the efficiency of university recruitment processes in relation to employees and students (e.g. postgraduate studies).

Finally, it is worth adding that the cDiploma solution from Veriori S.A. is unmatched on the market, and the development of this technology in the future gives invaluable opportunities that will be presented in future publications.


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