Effective protection of diplomas against counterfeiting and easy implementation of digital diplomas

cDiploma is a reliable tool to implement, verify and secure digital documents. By using advanced cryptographic and steganographic methods, including a unique and encrypted QR code, it prevents the forging of diplomas and their use by unauthorized persons.


It is a reliable system for ensuring and verifying the authenticity of diplomas and certificates issued by universities

Dedicated application enables quick and easy verification of diplomas, certificates and permissions from the application and browser level

Possibility of easy integration with systems used by the client. CDiploma is compatible and safe

Thanks to the functions of our system, you can get to know its users better and view collective data

The system enables communication with graduates and, in the future, also tracking their fates, eg employment, further education

Our technology enables easy and quick contact with users (in full compliance with the GDPR), e.g. using PUSH notifications

Dedicated cDiploma solution

The cCERT system enables the management of three types of dedicated roles - for document issuers, persons or institutions wishing to confirm their entitlements, and for external clients wishing to verify the authenticity of documents used by their business partners. Each of the roles has specially developed options that are helpful in everyday work.


The system can be used by any institution authorized to issue certificates, grant authorizations, e.g. professional qualifications or present test results.

for any issuer of the diploma


Each person, company, institution or organization can verify not only the authenticity of the certificate, but also its validity, rights resulting from it and their scope.

for any person or institution wishing to confirm the candidate’s qualifications


The graduate does not have to use traditional versions of documents. He can send a link to an authorized profile with documents or show it on a mobile application.

for each person receiving a diploma

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Benefits for cDiploma users


Mobile access to data

Thanks to a dedicated application created by Veriori, each interested person has the opportunity to check and verify the issued documents – both the person who uses, for example, a given certificate, and the client receiving such documents.

Additionally, the application will be extended with the possibility of sharing the electronic diploma in a convenient way and for a specified period of time.


Integration with the customer's system

Customers use various data management systems. cDiplom is so flexible that we can easily integrate it into almost any system.


Knowledge base about candidates

Thanks to the access to aggregate information, it is possible to analyze the stored competency profiles, as well as follow the further fate of university students, including their professional careers.


Improving marketing and tracking students' lives

The issuer of the diploma using our system will be able to significantly improve the strategy and conducted marketing activities. Accurate data on candidates and graduates will allow you to reach target groups in campaigns more precisely.

After logging in to the panel, you will be able to check the information provided by the person about the candidate, student or graduate – also with their further professional path.

Functionalities of the cDiploma system

The system is available as a web application in the SaaS model

Simple verification of the diploma's authenticity with a free mobile application

Possibility of integration with any dean's office system, LMS, Microsoft Office

A diploma or certificate marked with a unique security code at the time of generating the document

Guarantee of data security, integrity and irrefutability thanks to DLT (blockchain) and CS2D technologies

Preventing forgery of diplomas

Data security guaranteed by the technology itself, not by the service provider or external institution

Full control of data processing and its transparency thanks to data recording in a global, public DLT database

System for years: the applied cryptographic algorithms and system structure guarantee its effectiveness and long-term use

The system acts as an electronic diploma

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